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Washington – michael flynn, the retired army lieutenant general and intelligence officer who is donald trump's pick to serve as his national security adviser, is a harsh critic of muslim. Flynn’s conspiratorial “i don’t think every single muslim in the world wants to kill the other seven billion people in the world,” he said,. Michael t flynn, the retired army lt general who resigned from his position as national security adviser to president donald trump, is an outspoken critic of the obama administration and.

Flynn has expressed extreme, bigoted views about muslims he has likened islam to a “cancer” that has infected 16 billion people and is growing, and has echoed far-right, anti-muslim. Flynn, who has 106,000 twitter followers, as well as charges that obama is a “jihadi” who “laundered” money for muslim terrorists. Michael flynn, the retired army lieutenant general and intelligence officer who is donald trump's pick to serve as his national security adviser, is a harsh critic of muslim extremism and the.

Flynn, for his part, tweeted in february that “fear of muslims is rational,” leading the council on american-islamic relations to issue a statement thursday urging trump to replace flynn with. Flynn is a member of act for america and on the board of advisers the southern poverty law center considers the group the “largest grassroots anti-muslim group in america” with 280,000. General flynn dismissed al jazeera’s supposition that the us administration “turned a blind eye” to the dia’s analysis flynn believes the us government didn’t listen to his agency on purpose “i think it was a decision i think it was a willful decision,” the former dia chief said.

Flynn, who’s chairman and ceo of flynn intel group, is also a board member of act for america, which the southern poverty law center calls “far and away the largest grassroots anti-muslim. In an interview with cnn's wolf blitzer, lt gen michael flynn weighs in on donald trump sparing with the family of a fallen soldier's muslim parents. Michael flynn met with top turkish officials during the campaign to discuss removing an exiled muslim cleric from the us. Flynn is also an ally of palantir, the data analysis company co-founded by peter thiel, the republican billionaire who took down gawker and gave $125 million to the trump campaign.

Flynn muslim

From left, retired lt gen michael t flynn, his son michael g flynn, and boris epshteyn, a spokesman for president-elect donald trump, board an elevator at trump tower in new york on nov 17, 2016. By juan cole | (informed comment) | - - the new national security adviser to incoming president donald j trump, lt-gen michael flynn, has called islam a 'cancer' and maintained that it is a 'political ideology' masquerading as a religion. Flynn would come to believe “the stand i took on radical islam” was responsible for his downfall flynn’s book, the field of fight, elaborates on that stand. Bannon, flynn and sessions: how trump's top advisers view muslims, in their own words small cadre of the new president's aides shared their views of nation's conflict with islam.

Asked by mehdi hasan, host of al jazeera english's “upfront,” if he supports the muslim entry ban, flynn responded, “yes” he then went on, however, to describe a far narrower policy than. In a lot of ways, donald trump’s national security adviser, mike flynn, seems more like the president than most of his appointees but the qualities that flynn shares with trump — a flair for.

Flynn also criticized obama's administration for arming syrian rebels linked to salafi jihadism according to flynn, the us is at war with a radical component of islam flynn has been a board member of act for america, and sees the muslim faith as one of the root causes of islamist terrorism. Flynn’s islamophobia lines up with trump’s pledge to ban all muslims from entering the united states trump’s transition team is reportedly considering implementing a registry for muslim. Us: trump names michael flynn national security adviser michael flynn, who once used the phrase islamic ideology sick on social media, named us national security adviser. Flynn has became a harsh critic of the obama administration’s prosecution of the fight against the islamic state group and emerged as one of trump’s most vocal backers.

Flynn muslim
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